1. Welcome to Bangkok.

So the aeroplane didn’t kill me.

​The screaming baby and crying mother next to me almost did though. I kept trying to smile at her to cheer her up, to show her there was some good in the world. She’d glance over, tears all rolling, and there I was with my kindest smile. She kept crying. 7 hours. An overnight flight spent watching films about corruption and not even nearly sleeping. At least there was a very questionable wet food served. Imagine humous with bits of weird black stuff in? That. Served with butter and jam. I asked for a beer and a wine. The wine was a bottle of white, with a bottle of red spilled all over the outside of it. I didn’t mind. Both went down nicely. The girl kept crying.

Got the bags. Got a taxi. The driver didn’t talk at all. I like that. He did nod off though, doing about 80mph on a flyover. He can’t be falling asleep can he? Then he slammed on the brakes with nobody in front as he woke up. Several lorries swerved to avoid us. He’d been sleeping alright. I didn’t complain, don’t want to make a fuss. Vans full of chickens flapping about the humans. Vans of humans flapping round the chickens. This city is mad. The very definition of madness. I got out of the taxi, stood on the pavement, when a motorbike tried to run me over. Welcome to Bangkok.

18 thoughts on “1. Welcome to Bangkok.

    1. Thanks very much Hannah Bee! I’ll be posting new little chapters every day or two. I’m new to posting any of my work online, so any help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Thanks so much Horptie!
      I definitely did my best smile at the girl. She just cried more. Perhaps I have that effect on women?! Plenty more of those stories to come!


      1. Well that’s good! I posted two more brief chapters today too. Have a read? I don’t think my effect on the lady on the plane was much to brag about. 7 hours of crying after I’d been trying to cheer her up! I turned to the beer eventually.


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